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Meet Barbara P.

Brenda Changed My Life.
I've Lost 28 lbs.

Brenda was an absolute life saver.  I started seeing her when I was in a very dark time for me and my family. I was a single mother, overweight, and I felt like I had no one to turn to.  Brenda is patient, warm, loyal, and everything I’ve ever wanted as a Health Coach.  

I couldn’t recommend her enough.

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What Brenda's Clients Are Saying

“I worked with Brenda for a few years and I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for her. Initially, she was my weight loss coach and she helped me develop healthier eating and exercise habits but more importantly, she helped me develop the emotional tools to succeed in many more aspects in my life.”  - Jamila

“I don’t think there are enough words (or any words for that matter!) that could express my love and gratitude for what Brenda has done for my life. Working with Brenda has been singlehandedly nothing short of a miracle for me.” - Abby Brown

Brenda worked with me to figure out what it was I truly wanted, and guided me to solidify that into tangible goals. She helped me find a true sense of well being and self confidence. - Mary

I first came to Brenda more than 50 lbs overweight, having tried multiple diets and forms of exercise and ultimately failing to take the weight off and keep it off. For me, Brenda’s approach to weight loss was revolutionary. - Scott

After spending the majority of my life thinking therapy wouldn’t benefit me much, I’ve been blown away by how beneficial my sessions with Brenda have been over the past 11 months. - Craig

Everyone needs a Brenda Gold in their life!  No matter what you’re moving through in your life & no matter what you wish to accomplish, know you never need to do it alone.  Just like how a caterpillar turns into a stunning butterfly, Brenda will guide you through your own amazing transformation.   My life has enhanced tremendously having Brenda as my coach & I’ll always be forever grateful that she came into my life. - Ashley

Meet Jen & Meyer G.

Brenda Saved My Marriage.
Happy Wife. Happy Mom

I started working with Brenda over 3 years ago.  She is patient, articulate, and knows how to build a plan for an all-around healthy lifestyle.  I’m feeling great as a new mom and my relationship with food and my family has never been better.

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Meet Karen S.

10+ Years with Brenda.
I've Lost 55 lbs.

Never in my life have I met anyone like Brenda.  

She has been with me through the highs and lows of weight loss and I always feel like I have her in my corner. Building a solid plan, and concentrating on speaking positively about myself and others has made me a better wife, mother, and friend.

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Meet Irene C.

Brenda Saved My Marriage.
Happy Wife. Happy Mom

I’ve never had a Coach like Brenda. When I was younger, I never was the type of person to work with a Therapist or a Coach.  But as my children grew older, I wanted a better relationship with each of them.  I needed tools to help grow, and Brenda has been nothing short of a miracle. 

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The P.E.R.Fi.C. System — Your
Roadmap to a Balanced Life

When it comes to living better, balance is key.

To help all our clients achieve success, we've developed a system to help set goals, track progress, and simplify your journey to a happier you.

Learn the five key elements that make up a balanced life, and start mastering each one today!

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Optimal Physical & Mental Health

Anxiety & Depression

Negative thoughts are a constant part of every person’s life, but they don’t have to control us.  Brenda will help you refrain control of your “self-talk” with an actionable plan and tools to be the best version of yourself.

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Relationships & Marriage

Building a life with healthy and meaningful relationships is something everyone can benefit from. Brenda can help re-frame how you communicate to rebuild and mend relationships that are important to you.

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Weightloss & Food Planning

With Brenda’s 1-on-1 coaching you’ll completely rejuvenate your meal planning & fitness goals. Daily check-ins and accountability are there to help ensure you have the support you need.  

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